Outsource your bookkeeping so you can focus on running and promoting your business

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Outsource your bookkeeping so you can focus on…

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Are you getting bogged down with all the paperwork that seems to be proliferating as your business grows?  Perhaps getting frustrated that you're having to spend so much time trudging through receipts and invoices, when you'd rather be running or promoting your business?

You are a specialist in what you do, why not outsource the bookkeeping to someone who specialises in that?  Here are some reasons why you should give the idea some consideration:

#1 It's more cost-effective: Bookkeepers can help you get on top of your finances, improve your cash flow, prevent deadlines being missed, and reduce the possibility of errors being made.  By outsourcing (instead of employing a bookkeeper), there are no long-term commitments, or overheads.  You simply pay for the service you get, whether your business is booming, or just starting out.

#2 Your accounts will be kept meticulously and correctly: Ultimately bookkeepers are qualified and knowledgeable, we're specialists at what we do.  This means that you can rely on us to submit your VAT Returns, and process your financial transactions, without making any unintentional errors or missing any deadlines.  

#3 You can get timely information that can help you run your business better: If your accounts are up-to-date and kept so, then you can have access to useful reporting that will aid your decision-making.  Is a particular product line making enough to be worthwhile?  Is there an area of your business doing better than others and worth more investment?  Are you overspending on certain expenses that you needn't be?  Are there any red flags you should be aware of?  Management reporting can help.

#4 You can focus on propelling your business forwards, knowing your accounts are in safe hands.

KC Bookkeeping isn't a huge company, so we can offer you a service that's adapted to suit you.  We're happy to work with your current accountants, or recommend one to you.  Although based in Cheshire, we work remotely, so you won't need to find space for us onsite.  However, we're also happy to pop by on a regular basis, if you'd like to see us face-to-face.

We're currently offering an introductory rate of £25.00ph for the first 3 months, increasing to £30.00ph thereafter. We can also perform a review after these 3 months, and agree to an appropriate figure to be charged on a monthly basis if you would prefer.  We can migrate your books onto suitable software, if required, and offer a reduced rate for this along with our services.  

Whether you just need your accounts kept up-to-date annually, or have regular VAT returns to submit, we can help you. 

Thanks for reading.  Take care, stay safe. 
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