How Much Does a Bad Website Cost You Every Month?

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How Much Does a Bad Website Cost You Every Month?

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A part of our job here, at LMNts Marketing is t fix what is wrong with clients' sales funnels. Unfortunately, many companies look at websites as a "necessary evil" instead of a sales tool. They simply tick the box by having a site instead of making the most out of it.

A Website Should Be a Part of Your Sales Funnel
The first mistake we see small and medium sized business owners make is that they consider marketing and website development as a cost and not as an investment. There is no point spending thousands of pounds getting a website if nobody is visiting it. It will just be floating in the empty space, and you will never get a return on your investment. Ask yourself; is your website generating you leads every day? If the answer is no, chances are that you have to make a change.

Your Site's Speed Matters
If you think that your site that you spent all that money on years ago is still up to date, you might be up for a big surprise. In fact, most UK websites have been moved on to mobile first indexing, this means that your website's performance on mobile devices (and its speed) matters more than its look on a desktop computer.

You Can Damage Your Reputation with a Bad Website
We recently got contacted by a company that had an issue with their site. It was simply not loading. The fact is that you are not only losing traffic, but this problem will cause reputational damage. After all, you don't want to give out the impression that you don't care. Just imagine if you were waiting for customers, but had the shop shutters down. It wouldn't be smart, would it?

First Impressions Matter: In Fact, the First Few Seconds Matter the Most
Your website simply needs to answer the most important question your visitors have in a couple of seconds, or you will lose the interest of your potential customers. This question is:

"what is in it for me and why should I care?"

Unfortunately, we still come across business owners who talk about everything but the potential benefits for their clients on their site.

Are you interested in finding out more?
We offer a full sales funnel package that includes the redevelopment of your site and social media lead generation methods for a one-off fee of £799, which includes a 30-day social media marketing service, too.
Get in touch to arrange a free website funnel overview consultation .

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