All new builds required to have EV charge points installed by LAW!

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All new builds required to have EV charge points…

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Recently the government announced that by law all new houses, offices ect are required to have an Electric Vehicle Chargepoint installed on the premesis. Yesterday, ministers admitted only around 500 plug-in points are being installed every month – way below the 700 a day industry bodies say are needed. Government said last year that it will pump £1.3 billion into scaling-up the rollout of charge points for electric vehicles in homes, streets and motorways across the UK. Currently as it stands, there are only 34 chargers per 100,000 people in England, suffice to say that's not the ratio the government were looking for. Hopefully this new law will give a significant boost to thoes figures and help us reach the target of 700 installs a day. 
Are you a building firm that will be affected by this new law? 
Don't worry, ZAP Vehicle Charging are here to supply and install all of your charging needs. 
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The UK has made steady progress with electric vehicles with over 495,000 ultra-low emission vehicles now on the road across the country, driven by the government's Road to Zero strategy.


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