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Yes, let it teach you but in a structured way.
After each and every interview, always go through what my wife calls an interview inquest and what I call an interview self debrief.
You might get a job offer, but if you don’t it’s never too early to start preparing for the next one.
Here are 10 ‘Did I’ questions for you:
1. Did I arrive at the interview in the right frame of mind?
2. Did I present myself well physically?
3. Did I make good eye contact and remember to smile?
4. Did I display initiative?
5. Did I answer all of the interviewer’s questions well?
6. Did I get the achievements across that illustrated my relevant transferable skills?
7. Did I feel I was in control of the interview?
8. Did I make it clear that I had done my homework?
9. Did I ask the right questions in the right way?
10. Did I display the right attitude?
Now review all your answers and decide what you need to do to improve your performance next time.
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