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All commercial contracting work, as well as data protection work. Any industry and any contract.

All work undertaken by a senior, very experienced lawyer - no junoior lawyers being charged out at senior rates. You get City-level quality and experience at subsantially lower rates.

Examples of work:

  • Drafting template/standard contracts, which includes a detailed discussion as to the businsess processes, goods and/or services being sold and delivery risks.
  • Assistance with contract negotiation, which includes an initial high-level risk review, agreement on desired outcomes and focus on essential issues. 
  • Data Protection Compliance Audit, which includes an assessment of business processes, audit of personal data flow, gap review and drafting policies and contract terms to help comply with data protection law.


I will work with clients to assess the most sensible pricing strategy of the following:

  • Fixed Fee: for discrete work that can be precisely bounded in terms of scope, dependencies and timelines.
  • Day rate: for an ongoing project that requires a certain humber of days per week/month over a fixed period.
  • Hourly rate: for completely flexible service, with substantial discounts for heavy use in any calendar month.

Whatever the pricing methodology:

  • you will never recieve an invoice which is a surprise, in terms of timing or amount;
  • there will never be a charge until we agree the charging methodology and scope of work; and
  • I operate cloud-based admin systems, using O365 and you will have your own Teams page, where you can always check WIP and fees.

For new clients: I am happy to spend time understanding your business and your processes at no charge, as it will help me to provide the most tailored advice. 

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