We train people in the use and delivery of DiSC® Behavioural Assessments – we are a UK distributor for the world’s largest provider of behavioural learning products – Wiley Workplace Learning.

Understanding how behaviour and attitudes can be changed permanently can transform team and business performance - our mission is to introduce this knowledge to as many UK businesses as possible so they can benefit too!

For Coaches, consultants and trainers we are able to introduce you to a new and exciting revenue stream for your business.


Changing behaviours, attitudes and motivation of people in business, permanently, allowing them to realise their full potential - delivering bottom line results.
Training individuals, teams, leaders and managers in the understanding and use of behavioural learning tools.
Introducing DiSC as a catalyst for change into all businesses, government departments, charities and public sector bodies.
Training coaches, consultants and trainers to use, train and consult using DiSC products, bringing a new skill set to their businesses.



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Interests and Hobbies

Behavioural change, personal development, communication excellence

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