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Empowering companies to become more innovative and forward thinking is probably the most fun I have at work. At Counting King R&D Tax Relief Consultants, I consult with clients and help them to document what R&D they have undertaken within the accounting year.

I work with a whole host of industries which is constantly educating and informing me of problems and solutions that I would have never even imagined before.

My small part within the process is to help companies in gaining R&D tax relief for the work they have carried out and to allow them to reinvest this in future projects so they can continuously grow.

The average claim for 2017/18 was £53,714 so just imagine what that kind of money could do to push your future projects along? It’s a great source of funding which shouldn’t be missed.

If you work within the following industries, I would love to hear from you:

• Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing
• Mining & Quarrying
• Manufacturing
• Electricity, Gas, Steam & Air Conditioning
• Water Sewage &Waste
• Construction
• Wholesale &Retail Trade, Repairs
• Transport & Storage
• Accommodation & Food
• Information & Communication
• Financial & Insurance
• Real Estate
• Professional Scientific &Technical Admin & Support Services
• Education Health & Social Work
• Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
• Other Services Activities

The process for this is really simple, and my role is to understand a clients business and how it operated during the period of R&D. We usually do this over a coffee and a conversation.

I then go away and document and report precisely what happened in a format that HMRC will not only understand but consider allowable. This is backed up with financial evidence I produce through various documents.

When this is done we collaborate with your accountant to get this submitted to HMRC and once successfully approved the funds should be paid within 28 days.

Please message me for a coffee and a quick chat!


  • Counting King R&D Tax Consultants

    Head of R&D Consultancy
    - Current
    Counting King R&D Tax Consultants

Education History

  • Computing

    Edge Hill University
    2011 - 2013
  • AAT Accounting

    Wigan & Leigh College
    2016 - 2017

    2021 - 2023

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