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Here at RSM Tech we aim to meet all of your ICT and computing needs at an affordable price. Our dedication to the service you require is second to none, and it is this on which our reputation is built.

Each Job is independently assessed and a plan is developed to fit both your time-scale and budget. Whether you are a large business or domestic customer, the service you will receive is the same. Simply, we are capable of providing the best service for all of your needs.

When a device or system fails or needs to be replaced this can be a very stressful time. With our fast response time, (usually within 2-3 hours the same day for emergencies) and 6 years of experience in data-retrieval, system back- up and restore, rest assured that your machine or device will be back in working order as soon as possible.


Services Provided:

 Data Recovery, Retrieval and Backup

Put simply, if your machine has broken or your system has become corrupt beyond repair, there is still a very high likelihood that any important data stored on your system is intact and readable. We can extract this data and return it to you in whichever media form is most appropriate for your needs.

We can also back up your system and provide a full media copy of the image.

Extract lost licence keys for third party software and operating systems.

Restore all necessary data to a new or repaired system.

In the case of mechanical drive failure, we have a trusted 3rd party, with state of the art clean room facilities to remove and read the dater stored on your discs.

 Data Migration

This is when we take all of your useful data from your old machine or Server and put it onto your new one, including installation of the required third party software needed to read these files and resolve any issues with compatibility.

 System Specification Assessment

Need a new computer but not sure what to buy? We can sit down and talk about what you require to suit your needs, what you will be using the device for, and therefore recommend a system that provides the best solution to your problem, capable of performing the tasks you need with an operating system and program package that can be tailored to your needs.

Networking & Installation

Whether it be a new office network, small home network, or maintenance and upgrade on an existing network, we have a range of hard-wired and wireless solutions to fit your needs. We can order the server, switches, routing hardware and access points necessary to construct an environment suited to the requirements of your business.

We also install most relevant hardware and software security systems required as part of our service. With most of the server operating systems we use, there is product we can supply which allows for us to be notified via email of any errors or failures on your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In practice, this means to you that if something goes amiss we generally know about it before you do, and will call you to notify you. We also provide and configure a number of email solutions for your business, whether they be onsite exchange, or cloud hosted solutions.

 Fault-Finding and De-bugging

It is not always obvious what the problem with your system may be. Sometimes you may just know it is not working properly. This is where we can help with the latest diagnostic equipment and up-to-date knowledge of new and emerging systems. We aim to be at the top of our game and can always assess your problem. In the case of software issues, these can normally be resolved the same day.

Many hardware problems may also be resolved the same day as we carry an extensive range of memory, graphics, audio-visual and networking components. If we do not have what you require in stock, then there are a number of suppliers we use who offer next day delivery, so your problem will be resolved as soon as capably possible.

PC System Tune and Clean-Up

Over time all computers tend to become “clogged up”. Collections of processes that are not needed for your computer to run properly are created, unnecessary third party software installed, file systems become corrupt and the file registry develops errors.

We can repair all of these errors for a flat fee of £35. Unless we can improve the practical running environment of your machine by at least 10%, there is NO FEE!


We also perform any repair necessary to your PC, iPhone, iPod, PDA, Laptop etc.

we have no charge for an assessment or repair quote, normally these can be done over the phone, therefore you have nothing to lose by enquiring!




  • RSM Tech

    I.T. Consultant
    - Current

Education History

  • Operating Department Practice

    Christ Church University
    2003 - 2005



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