I am a holistic health coach that teaches “complete self awareness” through daily practising of ancient principles of the union of mind, body and spirit (biological energy). My spiritual journey has started more than 20 years ago and during that time I have studied Applied Psychology, NLP, EFT, AMSP, as well as Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi and Ayurveda. I have also studied Buddhist teachings, which gave me greater insights into the workings of the “physical reality” and how to effectively control it.  All this has inspired me to create my own personal improvement programme, which I’ve named: “Journey into Self Awareness”.


Most of the problems experienced by humanity on a daily basis come from the lack of genuine connection from within and excessive attachments to the “external material world”. Sages, coaches and many successful people from all walks of life have always stated that our individual experiences of the external realities are directly linked to our inner worlds (the worlds of our own thoughts and emotions). This means that all your external experiences are directly linked to your “inner wiring” and what you think you deserve to experience. If you think and you believe that you deserve the best, you will experience precisely that and the same can be said about everything else that you experience daily. 


Thought is the seed of everything in existence and it has enormous power to either make or break your life. When you learn to control your thoughts, you will master your own emotions, which will then facilitate the full mental and physical alignment, hence the best possible outcomes. This is because, when you're fully aligned from within, you will experience good and vibrant health thanks to the harmonious information flow at your sub cellular level. However, when you don’t know how to control your thoughts, you will be unable to control your emotions, which will then create an “internal misalignment”(distorted information flow at your sub cellular level). If this condition perseveres, you will start the process of deterioration of your overall health (stress is the first sign), which will be further reinforced by attraction of unwanted external realities. 


However, due to the extreme resilience of your biological system, it will take you a substantial amount of pounding before you start physically “feeling” first signs of eroded health. The main reason is that it is extremely resilient and well equipped to deal with all sorts of adversity. But like anything else, it has it’s own limits and when you reach them -  then you should start to worry.  So why would you want to do that?


The solution instead is to live the life that offers you the best of everything, but you must know how to do it and work on yourself on a daily basis. This is because our modern (western lifestyle) is designed to keep you down, miserable, unhappy and stressed. However, if you wish to be healthy, happy and content, then you must work on yourself relentlessly. There is no other way for you to stay healthy and content, except for you to fully control all aspects of your general wellbeing. 


Today, everyone is trying to sell you quickest, most effective and less painful ways to become rich, happy, healthy and fulfilled. Most of these teachings are based upon the lazy attitude of watching videos and listening to CD’s etc. That alone is not going to bring you results that you wish to achieve, unless you take action of course. The secret to fulfilled life is to understand yourself first, realise your potential and be disciplined and willing to work on yourself by constantly monitoring everything that goes in your immediate environment and how it affects your overall wellbeing. This process usually entails the control of your thoughts, your motivational and emotional states, as well as your lifestyle. These are some of the things that you will be learning and practising in my trainings. However, before you start, you must be truthful to yourself and acknowledge that you are fully responsible for everything that you experience and if you don’t like your current reality, you must act upon it and correct it. When you do so, you will then truly start living the life that you deserve.


So if this is of interest and you would like to learn more, please call me on 07984001228 or  07557425223. Alternatively, you can email me on and I will aim to come back to you as quickly as I can regarding any queries you may have about my programme and how it can help you achieve your personal development objectives.



Due to complexity of my teaching, I have broken it down into a number of modules for easier understanding and assimilation into your daily life. In that respect, I shall start from the module one.


This represents the pivotal part of my teaching, because when you eventually master this module, you will not only reap its practical benefits, but you will also learn how to effectively gain, share and use that knowledge for the purpose of easier understanding and assimilation of more complex modules that will follow thereafter. This is should you decide to continue your training with us.



Module One

  • In this module you will learn about hidden aspects of why you get stressed caused by inner misalignment and disruption of your healthy endocrine system. This will not only help you to control your overall health and wellbeing, but will also make you more successful in anything you do, because you will use it as a springboard for achievement of your desired outcomes.
  • You will also learn the importance of thoughts for your wellbeing and why you must adopt the strategy of positive thinking for creation of your wanted realities. Negative thinking is the main culprit for countless unfulfilled dreams/aspirations and for a myriad of psycho-physiological health problems. 
  • Basics of unconscious mind programming for achievement of your desired quality of life. It is now scientifically proven that most of our actions are on “auto pilot”, without involving much of our conscious thinking and awareness. So in order to get what you want, you must change your habitual behaviour and that’s precisely what you will be learning and practising – new and innovative ways in which you will challenge your current reality and seek ways to do things differently for achievement of what you truly wish.
  • Sound Personal Empowerment strategies for achievement of required results. This is a “must know” for anyone who wishes to be successful in life. Because the personal empowerment comes from knowing that you can do anything you wish for as long as you unconditionally believe in yourself. You will learn and practise some proven personal empowerment strategies and techniques that will challenge your current limiting beliefs and will open your eyes about your true potential.
  • Nutrition I – Basics of effective nutrition for sound overall health and wellbeing. This is a hardly fought topic and there are many theories and countless diets, that advocate various types of eating regimes etc. They are all good, but in here you will learn the importance of several key nutritional components that will keep your body in greater overall shape and condition. You will start with basic principles of nutrition, which will help you better grasp the sheer complexity of this subject and will adequately prepare you for more complex teaching that will follow in the following two modules.
  • Introduction to effective mental and physical relaxation. In order to be healthy, fit and mentally sharp, you must grasp basic strategies and techniques of effective mental and physical relaxation. In this module, you will do precisely as stated, which will prepare you for more complex and highly effective techniques in consequent modules.
  • Observation and evaluation of your current lifestyle and ways in which you can achieve required improvements. Over the weeks following your live training with us, you will work with selected colleagues on all aspects of yourself and together you will help, support and nurture each other to start the process of desired changes.
  • Your training hasn’t fulfilled its purpose, until it starts providing you with required benefits. It is for that reason that we have developed our highly acclaimed E.S. Pyramid home training system that will enable you to progressively assimilate this teaching into your everyday life. In the next twelve to sixteen weeks following your training with us – you will be asked to follow prescribed process, which will hand guide you and will enable you to perform various self analysis and actions for the purpose of achievement of your personal development goals.

If you wish to learn more about the next two modules, you will need to visit our website for more information. The main reason as to why I haven’t inserted them in here is because they are not effective without masterminding the first module.


So if this is of interest and you would like to learn more, please call me on 07984001228 or  07557425223. Alternatively, you can email me on and I will aim to come back to you as quickly as I can regarding any queries you may have about my programme and how it can help you achieve your personal development objectives.



  • Esprit Sain Ltd.

    Company Director
    - Current
    Esprit Sain Ltd.

Education History

  • International Trade and Finance

    University of Belgrade, Serbia
    1986 - 1990

    This was my first degree.

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